Gentleman etiquette tells us the Etiquette Of A Gentleman. Also be sure to check out Part II and Part III.

Gmail Theater: Why use Gmail?

Now that Gmail is out of beta, the Gmail team has released a few promotional videos on YouTube to promote Google’s mail service.

Professional Twitter

Twitter fangirl Anne Zelenka of Web Worker Daily writes about Eight ways Twitter is used professionally.

Google phone

First the iPhone, now the Google Phone. The head of Google in Spain and Portugal has confirmed that Google is working on a mobile phone. Google HQ in the US responded with a statement that neither confirmed or denied the rumoured Blackberry-like Google Phone. The telecommunications landscape is starting to look very interesting…

Malaysia awards WiMAX licenses

WiMAX Forum logoYesterday the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) announced the 4 winners of licenses to operate the 2.3GHz WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) spectrum in Malaysia (PDF link to news release).

The 4 winners were:

  1. Bizsurf (M) Sdn Bhd (a unit of YTL-e Solutions Bhd)
  2. Packet One Networks (M) Sdn Bhd (subsidiary of Green Packet and formerly known as MIB Comm Sdn Bhd)
  3. Asiaspace Dotcom Sdn Bhd
  4. Redtone-CNX Broadband Sdn Bhd

The bigger news is that none of the 3 telecom companies in Malaysia won a license. The failure to obtain a WiMAX license isn’t that big a deal to TM and Maxis, who both have 3G licenses, but DiGi has really been left out in the cold again, having failed to win a 3G license also previously. It really looks like our Government doesn’t want any foreigners to have a too big foothold in Malaysian telecommunications. My heart goes out to DiGi – I’m an unabashed DiGi fanboy – but they say they’ll be ok.

The four winners are expected to spend between RM250-RM300 million each to roll out wireless broadband services based on WiMAX in the next 3 years and the MCMC says that their decision is in line with their goal that broadband penetration increases to 75% by 2010 (keep hoping).

My take: I’m actually disappointed that none of the telcos won a license. I think that a telco that also operates a wireless broadband service will usher in fixed-mobile convergence in Malaysia quicker. With WiMAX being operated by the telcos competitors, I’m afraid that switching between cellular and wireless broadband will be less than seamless.

If anything, I hope the news will spur TM Net (the damn slackers!) to buck up its services.


Malaysian banking giant Maybank has launched myzone, a financial portal for teenagers aged 12-18. The launch comes with a web design contest where the public can submit ideas/designs for the myzone website.

Personally, I think that the design is ok, but the code is from the last decade. Table-based design, obtrusive Javascript and so many popups! And site organisation is crap too, I can’t even find a page with info on the contest to link to.

Free Starbucks

It’s the Starbucks Coffee Break and Starbucks Malaysia is giving each customer who walks into its stores between 10am and 12pm on Thursday, 15 March, a freshly-brewed, tall Coffee of the Week for free!

Viacom sues

Viacom Sues Google-YouTube: Wants More Than $1 Billion In Damages, Injunction. And the hits just keep on rolling for Google after acquiring YouTube.

2007 Bloggies winners

The 2007 Bloggies results are out. Here are some results:

  1. Postsecret – Weblog of the year
  2. Lifehacker – Best group weblog
  3. Gizmodo – Best designed weblog (huh?)
  4. Slashdot – Lifetime achievement award

Also happy that Drawn won an award. Not too sure about the winner for Best Asian weblog though.

Jackass of the week: Dato' Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor

I’m taking a page out of Daring Fireball here and I’m going to name Dato’ Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor as the jackass of the week. In fact, I believe his following comments qualify him for jackass of the month – no one’s going to top this easily.

National Chinese daily Sin Chew Daily reported Dato’ as saying:

“All bloggers are liars, they cheat people using all kinds of methods. From my understanding, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women.”

He said that bloggers spread rumours, disrupt social harmony and many bloggers are slanderous and are cheating people with their blogs.

“All bloggers are not in favour of national unity. Our country has been successful because we are very tolerant with each other, if not, there will be civil war, the Malays will kill the Chinese, the Chinese will take revenge and kill the Malays, and the Indian will kill everyone.”

He urged the rakyat not to simply trust bloggers, and gamble our future away because the achievement we gain in the 50 years of independence is not an easy task.

Via Tony Pua, thanks for the heads up Jinny.

He’s obviously clueless about blogging and the claims he makes are completely unfounded. He probably never heard of bloggers until the NST decided to sue 2 prominent bloggers in Malaysia. His 2nd encounter with them must have been when an Indonesian journalist posted some unflattering things about Visit Malaysia year on her blog.

Meanwhile, June Tan, a Masters student doing her thesis on blogging and democracy in Malaysia compares her research findings with Tengku Adnan. Her findings are totally different.

Based on the above I would suggest that the only lying, slanderous person here is Tengku Adnan. He tells us not to gamble our future away by trusting bloggers. Would he rather have us gamble our future by trusting a loose cannon like him in the government?