Ben Brooks writes about a problem that many blogs and news sites have – too many things that distract the site visitor from reading. I share a similar opinion which is why I have removed all the ads from my site and reduced the design as much as possible. It’s a good read if you are considering a new design for your blog.

The most epic bowl of Maggi noodles I've ever seen


How do you turn an ordinary bowl of instant noodles into an epic one? By adding a humongous crab to the bowl of course!

The most epic bowl of Maggi noodles I’ve ever seen, courtesy of my friend Ezak’s Facebook photos.

Running for Beginners, taught via YouTube videos!

Running is easy right? You put 1 foot in front of the other and repeat. But if you run over long distances at faster speed, you put a lot of stress on your ankles, knees and hips. So the correct running technique is important so that you can run more efficiently and avoid injuries.

I’ve turned into quite the running addict on my fitness journey. (LOL! I know right?) However after starting to run further and faster, I found that my joints hurt! I realized that my running technique was off. So I began researching proper running technique online and found surprisingly that you can learn a lot from YouTube videos.

I’m made a playlist of the best videos that I found on YouTube called Running for Beginners. It’s a compilation of videos that teaches beginners the basics of proper running technique, mistakes to avoid and choosing the right pair of shoes. I wanted to provide a little bit of context for each video so I’ve annotated the videos below.

The Elements of Good Form Running

The first thing I learnt when researching running techniques was that there are many running techniques and styles. Who would’ve thought?! Many of them seemed overly complicated to me. The one that made the most sense and seemed to be the most straightforward to me was the Good Form Running technique. Good Form Running advocates 4 elements – posture, cadence, landing on your midfoot and leaning forward while running. This video provides a quick introduction to the technique. Read More »

Brand affinity case study: Nike vs adidas

I’ve recently started to enjoy running and after increasing my distance and speed, I realized that I need a good pair of running shoes. So last week I went shoe shopping and I had an opportunity to observe myself making a buying decision for a rather expensive product.

I have 2 favorite sporting brands – adidas and Nike. Just the previous month I have purchased gear from both brands. adidas seemed to me like the more affordable brand and I probably own more adidas workout and training apparel than Nike. However the Nike Running sub-brand spoke to me more directly since I actually enjoy running. Read More »

"Copy Address" in Apple Mail without the contact's name

In recent versions of Apple Mail (Snow Leopard onwards to be exact) choosing Copy Address from a contact’s contextual menu would put the contact’s name with the email address in brackets, instead of just the email address. So from the example above, you would get the following on your clipboard:

iTunes Store <[email protected]>

This is not really helpful when  you really just want to copy the email address, and not fiddle with deleting the extraneous information. Longtime Apple Mail users might also prefer the behavior from versions before Snow Leopard. Luckily there’s an easy way to change the default behavior and only copy the email address without the contact’s name.

Start by quitting the Mail app. Then launch Terminal and type (or copy and paste) the following command (all on 1 line):

defaults write AddressesIncludeNameOnPasteboard -boolean No

Now when you open up Mail again, copying and address will only give you the email address without the contact’s name. Yay!

If you want to revert back to the default behavior, quit Mail and run the command in Terminal again but switch the last word to Yes.

The Home Work podcast is my new favorite podcast. Its a show for people who work from home, whether freelancer or telecommuter hosted by Aaron Mahnke and Dave Caolo. The hosts are super consistent with their schedule, the length of each shows is just right and the hosts offer very practical and useful advice, even for a experienced home warriors like me. It’s also great to listen to other people discuss the issues of people who work from home because you get that sense of community and that you’re not so alone. Do check out the show and other shows on 70 Decibels network.

Zack watching TV like a boss #instablog

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From Little Things BIG Things Grow – sparks flying at #pbevent 2012

A week ago, I had the pleasure of soaking up the excitement and creative energy of 300 bloggers who descended into Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia for the ProBlogger Training Event aka #pbevent. It was the first ever blogging conference that I’ve ever attended and I must say that I wasn’t disappointed for shelling out the cash and traveling all the way for it.

Personal Highlights

#pbevent was put on by Darren Rowse and his team who help him manage ProBlogger and Digital Photography School. Speakers included top bloggers from all over Australia and they even brought in Chris Guillebeau all the way from Portland, USA as a keynote speaker. I’ve been following Darren’s work for a long time and when I learnt that Chris, another role model of mine, was on the speaker lineup I immediately decided that I would attend.

Side note: I’ve never really talked about Chris Guillebeau but he’s someone I really look up to in the way he approaches business and living the life you want. I will try to expand on this when I get around to reviewing his book.

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Read More »

WTOTW: Cancel Newsstand magazine subscription

I tried subscribing to a Newsstand magazine on my iPad for the first time the other day. Unfortunately I knew I wasn’t going to read the magazine regularly and it didn’t offer a yearly subscription option. Therefore I decided I had to cancel my subscription… BUT I couldn’t figure out how to do so.

Fortunately I found the answer after trawling the Apple discussion forums, so I’m detailing the steps here for anyone who may be wondering how to do so. Read More »

My Nike+ FuelBand rocks

Totally enjoying this fun little gadget. It’s not only fun, it’s helping me spend less time sitting on my bum!

Hit my Nike Fuel goal for today for the 1st time ever!

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