Neowave e-commerce blogger survey+linkbait

Neowave, the company behind behind the webShaper shopping cart software, has posted a piece of link-bait on their blog. Their incentive–Google goodies. As a side objective, it looks this is also some free research for the marketing boys.

Well, I’m happy to help in your research and I definitely would like Google goodies. So here are my answers to your questions:

1) Do you shop online? If so, why? If not, why not?
Yes I do shop online. I do it mainly because I can’t buy the products here, or have no other alternative. E.g. I’ve bought Flickr subscriptions, Jinx t-shirts and a DVD from

2) What are your preferred payment methods for online shopping? (credit card, debit card, bank card, online banking, cheque etc) List 3 in accordance to preferences.
My favourite method would be PayPal actually because I don’t have to give my credit card number to the merchant. Plus because I can’t withdraw money I’ve earned elsewhere from PayPal easily, I need to use it up. No 2 would be credit card because I am protected by the credit card company. I only use these methods for buying online. I don’t like online banking because the merchant may take my money and run and I’m not protected like with credit cards.

3) Do you use search for product pricing and information before you buy instore? Which search engine you use the most?
Yes, always! I look up reviews on CNET and Amazon. I only use Google and so that’s why I want those goodies. It would be even better if the phone in the picture is included…

Oh yes, must not forget to contribute to Neowave’s Google Juice – SEO Shopping Cart ๐Ÿ˜‰

P.S. Guys, its difficult to leave a comment if its only registered users and you don’t let us register.

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