Barcamp Malaysia report


Picture by Azman Saini

Last weekend I attended Barcamp Malaysia, the inaugural Barcamp event in this part of the world. Unfortunately I missed the whole Day 1 because I actually managed to fall sick on the day.

However I did enjoy the sessions on Day 2 and met quite a few interesting people. It was really fun to meet everyone who shared the same Web 2.0 philosophy and ideas. I felt like a true geek.

Be sure to check out Cheryl Goh’s BarCamp Malaysia in 6 pictures post if you want a quick summary. Also, hi to skeevs, Chee Aun and James who I finally met in person.

2 Comments on "Barcamp Malaysia report"

  • Suffian says

    lol was it just guys who attended?

  • no, it wasn’t a “sausage fest”. there were geek chicks too.

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