On my own again

After about a year since I joined AGENDA, I am striking it out on my own again. Lot’s of friends and colleagues have asked me why and it’s quite difficult to explain. To help explain (and remind myself why I made this decision), I’ve created this little graphic:

David's Dip

Those who know Seth Godin will recognise it as “The Dip” from his book of the same name. The Dip is the crappy part that you need to push hard and slog through before you achieve massive success.

For me, I will transition from a pretty good career on the left to the life goals and the things that are important to me on the right. Along the way I know and expect to get caught in the Dip, but this graphic will help remind me exactly why I’m doing this and the rewards that await me when I slog through.Β Yes, afternoon naps are really a life goal for me πŸ˜›

On the top of the list of my life goals is living fully and consciously. With this I mean that I want to decide my life’s path and not just ‘flow along’ with everything else. Too many people just allow themselves to flow along in life. I want to be able to guide my way towards something I can call my own, that I will look forward to when I wake up each morning.

Quitting my job and running my own business is the only option I see (at the moment) that puts me in direct control of my journey towards my life goals. I like having a job, and I’m not saying my employer sucks, but it’s too easy to get caught up with work and end up just doing stuff blindly or un-consciously. Man, that sounds like crazy hippie talk.

Making this decision is not easy and involved a lot of thought. Now that I’m married, it’s not all about myself and my lovely wife, Pei Chyi, has really been supportive throughout. Thank you dear, I really couldn’t do it without you.

Stay tuned! It may take a while, but in my next post I’m going to describe what I’ll be up to. Thanks everyone for your support.

Update 6 July: I’ve launched my business site

14 Comments on "On my own again"

  • Mike Tee says

    Excellent, dude. Wish you all the best!

  • Ashlee Wong says

    πŸ™‚ admire your courage to be able to do this, not many people would. Go ahead, forge a path worth your while to look back on in life!

  • Grace says

    All the best David! I always believe in doing the things that you make you happy. Life’s too short for shit!

  • lennie says

    All the best!!! Sniff. We’ll miss you! I’ll still bug you on Think when I have the time to look into it. Enjoy your Next Big Bad-ass Adventure and keep in touch.

  • grace_t says

    All the best, David – from one Dip-ster to another πŸ˜‰ and cheers to afternoon naps and waking up in the mornings to look forward to your day!

    -grace t.

  • Josie says

    You will do great and I know there will be a loads of opportunity coming you way. Thanks for hooking me up with Agenda and I’m going to miss ‘pretending being your friend’. Now we get to be ‘real friends’ again – Since I am not spying for someone πŸ™‚

  • li-ann says

    ah….thou art brave. venturing out into the great unknown again. all the best buddy; may God’s favour and hand be with you in everything you do!

    • LOL, thanks for all the support guys. I really appreciate it. You know what to do when I come knocking on your door for referrals πŸ˜›

  • Leona says

    well, let us know what you’re into, we can send clients your way. all the best.

  • admire your courage… best of luck buddy

  • tAuRus says

    Good luck @blogjunkie!!! U will be more than fine with pee chee by ur side!!! hehehe

  • Good luck with your ventures, keep us informed πŸ™‚

  • Mustafa says

    All the best in your new venture! Getting caught up in day to day activities and not realising it is exactly what is soul-killing about employment.


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