6 weeks in

It’s been roughly 6 weeks since I’ve started up Buzzmedia again. This is a post to update you on what I’ve been up to and try to explain what it is that I do (since lots of people don’t understand).

First, God has been good in providing me with a steady stream of projects so that I don’t starve to death. In fact, my income for July was almost equal my last drawn salary at AGENDA. Encouraging, but still a long way to go.

Second, I will not attempt to explain what is it exactly that I do for a living now, with examples from the past 6 weeks.

How I earn a living

Web strategy consulting. This involves me helping other companies understand and make use of the internet to promote their business. In this capacity, I sit in meetings, listen to the client and then put together a proposal with recommendations for them or their partners to execute. I try not to do the execution myself. This is one of the most interesting activities I’m involved in at the moment and helps me keep learning all the new stuff in online (or digital) marketing, but doesn’t pay as well as I’d like it too. When I make a name for myself hopefully I will be able to charge more for this service.

Training & seminars. Apparently I happen to know quite a bit about this online marketing business and in July, I’ve actually delivered 2 seminars on the topic. Specifically the topics I provide training on are introduction to online marketing, analytics and optimisation, and social media. See the embedded slideshow below to if you don’t understand the term ‘social media’. No, it wasn’t me who put together the presentation below (although I wish I had).

Grunt work (website development & email marketing). I call this grunt work because it’s the activity that is most commoditized among all my income streams. I actually find it fun to build websites and pretty emails, but it involves the most hair pulling. Some projects I’ve worked on recently is rockstar blogger Chris Guillebeau’s Art of Non-Conformity email newsletter and my friend’s Dubrovnik Restaurant website.

Blogging. As you may know I run quite a few blogs and most of them have advertisements on them. I do make some pocket money from them, but my main reason for blogging is to meet new and interesting people and certain blogger privileges, like attending the Maxis iPhone 3GS official launch recently ๐Ÿ™‚

In summary…

Wow, you do so many things–how do I explain what is it my nephew/friend does for a living?

Let me start with what I don’t do. Dear aunties and uncles,ย I don’t work in IT. The internet is not IT. IT involves lots of gizmos and equipment like in the picture below.

Flicrk photo from camknows

Flicrk photo from camknows

The work I do is more refined. I’m a marketing consultant, advising companies large and small to help them understand, get started and continuously improve their marketing activities on the internet.

Aiyoh, complicated. Ok then, here’s the plain English answer:

David works in advertising, but on the internet. He designs a new generation of advertising techniques and teaches it to his clients.

Ok? Thanks, bye.

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  • peichyi says

    Oh…now i know what you do.

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