Someone please Pimp My Broadband

Here’s a quick video I put together today for the Pimp My Broadband campaign. I made it with a JVC MPEG video camcorder, an IKEA lamp and iMovie on my Mac.

Think you can do better? Or maybe you deserve a MacBook and broadband? Please take part in the contest then.

Otherwise, help me out and vote for the video (daily, as often as you can) on the Pimp My Broadband site. Thanks!

10 Comments on "Someone please Pimp My Broadband"

  • Wow, ur video clip is very nice, good idea anywhere.
    I just voted for u,
    so can vote for me too??
    Helping each other…

  • Verne says

    This is awesome dude. Just voted. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Didn’t know you could act. MUAHAHAHAHA.

  • good not the video but your mac book! hahaha
    no lah, the video good also lah, thumbs up!
    want to ask some review on mac book …
    how is it?

  • The MacBook is great. Best laptop I’ve ever used. The operating system is even better. No viruses, stable and beautiful. Go ahead and get a Mac

  • kenwooi says

    nice one.. voted! =)

  • nice video..

    all these great video submissions made me rethink whether should i participate the contest or not lol .__.

  • suazzer says

    hey davids, cool video…..esp the yellow sticky on yo face, classic! hope u win (and i wan a tehtarik + tosai treat)


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