FreelanceShow holiday giveaway


I stumbled upon FreelanceShow recently, which has quickly become my new favorite freelancing resource. In addition to great podcasts, they are now running a contest with over $4,800 in prizes from awesome sponsors like CampaignMonitor, 37Signals, FreshBooks, and CulturedCode! How did he get these fantastic sponsors??

To participate, you need to tell Neil (the editor of FreelanceShow) what’s your greatest freelancing challenge. He’ll then answer the questions in upcoming posts. Brilliant! Your entry gives you a chance to win, and the chance to get solved.

This is my entry, so here’s my greatest freelancing challenge: Finding good and affordable help to outsource too. It doesn’t help that I’m in Malaysia and many virtual assistants charge in USD – the exchange rate is not good…

I hope Neil has got some good answers. In the meantime, I wish him all the best with his contest – The Freelance Show’s Massive Holiday Giveaway.

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