Do your friends bug you with blogging questions? Please send them my way

Dear blogger friends,

I’m sure that many of your friends and family has asked you “What’s this blogging thing?” or “Can you help me with my blog?”

And then.. you want to help them but sometimes they have so many questions and you need to go off and do your own thing but you’re paiseh to say no to them because this is your friend / favourite auntie…

If that’s ever happened to you before, I’d like to ask you a favour. Please send your friends and family with blogging questions to me, or more specifically my upcoming workshop called Blogging Your Way To Success. Here, I even made a video to explain what the workshop is about.

For those of you who prefer to read (or you’re experiencing #streamyxsucks), here are the highlights:

  • We’ll start at the basics – how to create a blog & write posts, upload images, etc
  • We’ll learn about WordPress 3.0, the latest and the greatest
  • We’ll learn how to get more readers, promote your business and everybody’s favourite topic – how to make money online!
  • The workshop is suitable for beginners with no experience, people on Blogspot who want to switch to WordPress, those who want to launch a blog shop and those who need a simple website but have no budget

If they have questions, please direct them to my Buzzmedia website to find out the full details & to contact me –

If you don’t have anyone you can think of to recommend to attend the workshop, please go to the event page and click the Facebook Like / Recommend button. At least your Facebook friends will see it and can decide if they want to come.

And if you do refer me a few friends, I will do something nice for you. Maybe I can buy you lunch, or help you with your blog theme or buy you Problogger’s book – I’m open to suggestions.

Thanks! You’re the greatest ๐Ÿ™‚


David a.k.a. @blogjunkie

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