I thought I got attacked by spammers but it was just my birthday

Yesterday I turned 29. It was a fun day and I wanted to record this day for posterity. The day started off with my awesome wife Pei Chyi making me breakfast in bed.

Breakfast in Bed Birthday Edition

I honestly thought I was dreaming. She woke me and said, “I’ve got a surprise for you. But you can’t leave the bedroom.” And thus I enjoyed my 1st ever breakfast in bed.

This was followed up with an amazing lunch with chocolate fondue for dessert.

Birthday dessert

Mmm.. now you know why I’ve put on weight since getting married.

Pei Chyi took a day off for my birthday so we went out to run a few errands, and I got a back massage in Circle Art of Massage at The Curve. First time I tried them and I was pleased with the results. Don’t let the demure Chinese female masseuse fool you – she’s really strong. I also managed to write a blog post about Friendster Group CEO Ganesh Kumar Bangah.

My birthday felt like a nice little holiday in the middle of a crazy busy period at work. Thanks Pei Chyi, I really enjoyed it and spending time with you and the boy.

Goo Goo

Goo goo gaa gaa

Thank You Internet (and Real Life) Friends

I received Facebook wall posts and Tweets all day long from all of you. Like I said, I thought I got attacked by spammers when I woke up yesterday. I know that I don’t meet up with you often enough so I want to say thank you publicly on my blog.

I’m really lucky to know all of you and I appreciate our friendship. Thanks for being part of my special day yesterday. Cheers!

5 Comments on "I thought I got attacked by spammers but it was just my birthday"

  • peichyi says

    i enjoyed every minute with you and the boy too! we do it again for my birthday ya?
    (but no need to make me breakfast in bed k, i dowan to clean up the mess later LOL)

  • Looks like you had a really good one. You truly are lucky to have someone like Pei Chyi (and the handsome boy) in your life!

    I know I’m late but happy birthday David!

  • Joanie says

    Those waffles look good! PC you ARE a good wife! And I spot the Keep Cup and Fondue set, all from Down Under… Glad they’re well used and loved. 🙂 Where’s the birthday family pic?? xox

    • peichyi says

      yes yes finally took out the fondue set! the Keepcup was to prevent messy spills … u know, 1st time bed in breakfast and all!

      Thanks for them, we both love our keepcup sooooo much!

      BTW…cheat waffles — frozen baybee!


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