Reduce spam from Facebook contests

Marketers today are getting smarter with social media and we are starting to see more Facebook integrations. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said with email.

Too many lazy idiot marketers are happy to collect your email addresses when you participate in their contests and then spam you to hell later. Here’s how you can reduce spam from the Facebook contests you participate in.

The screenshot above is from Mitsubishi’s ASX-perience Facebook contest. Like many Facebook contests, you have to install an app to enter.

By default the app will be allowed to send email to your personal email address. This also allows the app developer / marketers to harvest your email address for their spray and pray email marketing later.

The solution? Just click the Change link and choose to only allow the app to email you via an anonymous Facebook email address. Hopefully this will help you reduce the spam you get from marketers on Facebook.

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