WTOTW: Remember everything with Evernote

I share a web tip on my podcast every week. For #LOLshow Episode 15, the featured tip is Evernote.

Evernote is a digital notebook that helps you capture all the random bits of info floating around you, organize them and then find it again. You can use Evernote to store your text notes, clip interesting web pages, store PDFs and even snap photos. Evernote then syncs all that information to your computer, mobile phone and their website so that you can access and find that information any time.

Check out the fun intro video for an overview.

Some of the ways you can use Evernote

Create a to-do list (with actual checkboxes) for your next project, and store all your research info for offline reference.

Snap pictures of business cards. Evernote can read the text in the business card and find it when you search for the name or job title! This is my favorite feature, you have to watch this video to see how it works.

Save your whiteboard brainstorms by snapping a picture with Evernote on your mobile.

Archive your tweets to Evernote with the #myen hashtag

Sign up for a free account, view the getting started guide and then find out more ways to use Evernote at their video library.

Try it out – http://www.evernote.com


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