Neener neener neener! I've got Twitter secret features

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The Mac App Store launched today and out of the blocks the most popular app by far is the official Twitter app (download from the App Store).

While everyone else is ooh-ing and ah-ing over it’s shiny-ness, look at me! I’ve got Super Secret settings *grin*

The Super Secret settings are only available to MacHeist members who bought the last Nano Bundle, which contained a license for Tweetie 2. Tweetie 2 never happened, and instead became the official Twitter for Mac app and so the developer has added the settings pane as an easter egg.

Personally, I like the new Twitter app, but it’s kind of light on features IMHO. No integrations with, plixi or yfrog images (they open in a new window, ugh), and it uses the Quote tweet format instead of plain ol’ RTs. But it’s pretty! ๐Ÿ˜€

What do you think of the new Twitter for Mac?

P.S. Macheist members, open Twitter for Mac’s help menu and hold down ctrl+opt+command (โŒƒ+โŒฅ+โŒ˜) to activate the Super Secret settings

P.P.S. To download Twitter from the Mac App Store, you must first update Mac OS X to 10.6.6 from Software Update.

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