WTOTW: Edit PDFs online with FillAnyPDF.com

I share a web tip on my podcast every week. For #LOLshow Episode 28, the featured tip is FillAnyPDF.com.

As I mentioned on the show, I bought PDFpen Pro (worth USD99) to go paperless in my office. A day later, I discovered FillAnyPDF.com, a website that does much what PDFpen does for free.

The website allows you to upload and edit PDFs with an easy-to-use form editor (Flash app). This is great for filling in forms because the entire process is digital – no need to print out the form, fill it up by hand, scan the form again and finally emailing out the form. If you register for an account, you can even upload and embed images into your PDF – perfect for signatures – and share your forms with others. The sharing feature is pretty cool, it allows you to collect the responses of others who fill in your form.

If you merely need basic PDF editing functionality, FillAnyPDF.com is a great alternative to more full-featured software like PDFpen or *cringe* Adobe Acrobat.

Try it out – FillAnyPDF.com

3 Comments on "WTOTW: Edit PDFs online with FillAnyPDF.com"

  • juanco says

    I tried it, and don’t think the website is serious at all.
    It took me 20 minutes to fill a pdf; when I tried to download it choosing the free plan I was asked to register. After I registered, the free option was no longer available.

    • blogjunkie says

      Sorry to hear that Juanco, but thanks for sharing your experience so that others are more wary

  • I happened to know a website which can do all of those things. I have just used the service so I know that a lot of people will find it useful so I would like to share it. Visit http://goo.gl/lioFzE

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