Yours truly was quoted in The Star regarding the MCMC block of file sharing websites:

The online file-sharing community remains active despite the Government’s move to block 10 such websites to curb piracy.

Blogger and online marketing consultant David Wang said most users simply moved on to other websites offering the same facilities and services to download content.

“Users can also continue using the blocked websites by getting around it in a few simple steps,” he said.

Wang, who published a blog post titled “What is a DNS (Domain Name System) block and three ways to get around it” following the Govern­ment’s ban against the websites, said IT expertise was not necessary to gain access.

Read the full article on The Star Online.

Some nitpicks with the first sentence of the article – I think it would have been more accurate to say that “online file sharing activity remains active”. The reasons for the block is clearly following the official line from the Government and doesn’t accurately reflect why web users circumvent the blocking i.e. to bypass censorship.

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