Headway Themes 3.0 is on the way with subscription pricing, lock in your 1-time membership fee NOW!

Complete Theme Control For Beginners To Experts With No Need For Code — Headway For WordPress

Last week Headway Themes celebrated 2 years of being in business. If WordPress helped kick start my web career, Headway Themes has helped make it easier. My choice of CMS and theme when building a new site is WordPress + Headway. The only reason why I don’t use this combination for everything is because I want to learn new stuff.

In any case, I’m extremely glad with my decision to go with Headway. I’m happy that they have been so successful and not sitting on their hands (like Thesis – yes I’m calling them out). The Headway team continues to innovate and add new features and have announced that version 3.0 is on the way with speed improvements, a new Visual Editor and support for child themes.

Headway Themes will also introduce a new subscription based pricing model soon. However their blog post says if you are already a member you will lock in your 1-time membership fee and not be subject to the new subscription pricing. They’ve even offered a 30% discount code.

If you still don’t own Headway Themes, you need to get it now now now!

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