Check out our new design! And a review of the Minblr WordPress tumblog theme by Themify is sporting a new theme! What do you think?

The new theme is Minblr by Themify. Despite the somewhat awkward name, I’m very pleased with the theme.

Although there’s no shortage of great-looking WordPress themes, it’s tough finding ones that are high quality and have excellent support as well. I’m glad to say that Themify got things right with Minblr.

First, a quick overview of its headline features.

Tumblog style theme. Posting an image from the WordPress mobile apps automatically creates a post with the image format, and it also supports all other WordPress post formats.

Fluid & responsive layout, meaning that the theme resizes to fit the browser window or device screen. Try resizing your browser or viewing this site on your iPhone.

Chocked full of theme options for 3 different layouts, 10 different color schemes, post styling and more.

And now here’s some less obvious features that the WordPress geek that I am really appreciates

Beautiful code. The theme strictly follows the WordPress API. The code is neat and clean so that I immediately understood what goes on inside the theme.

Support for child themes. Which is great so that I can create my own version of this theme without worrying that my custom code will get overwritten on updates.

Great customer service. I submitted a pre-sales question and got a response within hours. The forums are active and the documentation is stellar.

Doesn’t try to do too much. I recently had to work with a theme that had portfolio, testimonials and e-commerce support all built in. It worked, but just barely. The code was hacky, and customer support was iffy (“We forgot to update the version number when we released the newest version of the theme. Don’t worry, you have the latest version”). On the other hand, Minblr gets the balance just right and is priced right too. It’s also a joy to use and setup.

Unfortunately Minblr is not compatible with WooTumblog so you’ll have to muck around the database if you are migrating to this theme from the WooTumblog plugin or any WooThemes tumblog-style themes. Hopefully someone creates a tumblog transporter plugin, like the SEO data transporter.

Bottom line

The Minblr theme and Themify as a company are solid, excellent choices for WordPress themes. Minblr is a high quality theme that doesn’t just look great, it works great too. It was clearly developed by people who understand WordPress and who are making WordPress a part of their business – read: a company you can trust and rely on. Themify joins my list of best WordPress theme companies alongside StudioPress and WooThemes.

Check out the Minblr theme, and all of Themify’s excellent themes.

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  • Love the headline font. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • david says

      It’s called Rancho and available for free via Google web fonts ๐Ÿ™‚

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