Don't expect me to work for free

Dear friends

Many of you know that I’m a WordPress expert for hire. Therefore I know you don’t mean any harm when you ask me to look at your blog when you have problems, or when you invite me for coffee to “discuss your website”.

However you should know that WordPress puts food on my table, and feeds this little guy.

Photo credit: Pei Chyi’s Instagram feed

In light of this knowledge, if you are asking for my help, it would be nice if you say right upfront that you’re happy to pay me (and not act surprised or peeved when I send you a price quote).

This way your site gets taken care of (like a boss), I get paid, Zack has a happy tummy and we can stay friends. Everybody wins!

Thanks a lot for your support and understanding. I value our friendship! Sincerely,


2 Comments on "Don't expect me to work for free"

  • ciki says

    I agree! Well said:)

  • kent says

    We all gotta eat…

    David, I have another WP site move coming up. Are you available?
    I tried a test move with BUB but could not get the import script to run:(
    Maybe since it was between two sub-folders on the same server.

    Let me know.


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