WorkEZ standing desk

After blogging about my custom standing workstation the other day, reader Adrienne commented that she had bought a WorkEZ standing desk. I was intrigued so I Googled them.

The WorkEZ system looks like a great alternative if you don’t want to DIY your own standing desk, or simply prefer a cheap ($60) and simple solution. I like that the WorkEZ is flexible and can also function as a regular height laptop stand. It also looks like it could fold up and fit in a backpack.


WorkEZ system website – Uncaged Ergonomics

A review of the WorkEZ system on MacWorld

3 Comments on "WorkEZ standing desk"

  • Pretty nice. Any pointers where to look for this in Malaysia?

    • david says

      Hey Syamil, no idea where to buy this closer to home. Looks like it’s mainly for US market. Can check with them if they deliver overseas?

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