WTOTW: Cancel Newsstand magazine subscription

I tried subscribing to a Newsstand magazine on my iPad for the first time the other day. Unfortunately I knew I wasn’t going to read the magazine regularly and it didn’t offer a yearly subscription option. Therefore I decided I had to cancel my subscription… BUT I couldn’t figure out how to do so.

Fortunately I found the answer after trawling the Apple discussion forums, so I’m detailing the steps here for anyone who may be wondering how to do so.

Cancel Newsstand subscription

The thing that throws people off is that the subscription management screen is not within the magazine app itself, but inside of iTunes. D’oh! Here’s how to get to that screen.

Open up iTunes and click on the Store link in the left sidebar. Next click on your iTunes ID (usually an email address) in the top right of the screen. A window will appear asking for your password. Fill that in and click View Account.

You’ll then arrive at the Account Information screen which shows you your Apple ID Summary, Purchase Histroy, etc. Scroll down and you’ll see the Settings below. There you’ll see a link to manage your Subscriptions.

Click on Manage and you’ll be brought to your Subscriptions screen (below).

Next change the Auto-Renewal options to Off and click Done. Your subscription has been cancelled.

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