Self-employment is a license to say NO


Many people go self-employed and gleefully say, “look at all the things I can do.” Self-employment offers the freedom to say YES to all sorts of interesting projects that they wouldn’t have time for with a full-time job.

But the true freedom offered by self-employment is the ability to say NO. Now you can choose to avoid mediocre projects, uninteresting obligations and avoid the drudgery of chores you had no choice but to do when you had a job.

Your time is precious and irreplaceable, so you should absolutely be saying NO more often than YES. Now you can focus your time on the projects that actually excite you, your family and loved ones, your calling โ€“ i.e. the stuff that truly matters.

2 Comments on "Self-employment is a license to say NO"

  • Saying “no” is often hard, because people think they may be missing an opportunity or a good pay.

    I say, while it’s definitely important to know when to say “no”, it’s also really important to earn the right (by becoming great in what you do).

    Nice post and thanks for reminding me to say “yes” to myself more often ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mayank Singh Parmar says

    Agree with your thoughts.
    Many time I have thought of start doing my own work as freelance rather than being employed by someone, but that has not happened yet.
    Hope one day I will also have license to say NO

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