Sweden With Love

Happy day! We are finally live! A brand new online experience. #swedenwithlove. Beautifully designed by @thedarlingtree. xo

Sweden With Love was a ClickWP project for Ulrica Wihlborg. It features a custom WordPress theme built on the Genesis Framework. Jo Klima from The Darling Tree created the design while I was responsible for coding the theme and site implementation.

I made use of every every web development technique I know except responsive design, because that wasn’t a requirement. I was pretty glad it didn’t involve a mobile component because I would have been overwhelmed!

This project was a first for me in several ways. It was my first real HTML5 site and the first project I used SASS and Compass. I’ve decided that I’ll be incorporating SASS into my workflow from now onwards.

Besides those front end technologies, this site implementation features:

Retina-friendly design

I used icon fonts whenever possible and used the WP Retina 2x plugin to serve high resolution versions of images automatically.

Theme options & custom widgets

I built a theme options page to define the content of the Cover Story, Exclusive Story, and featured posts. Thanks to the Genesis Framework, this was pretty easy. I also created several custom widgets and functions to figure out the posts from the current and past “issues”.


I’ve never really bothered with typography but Jo’s combination of fonts were so beautiful that I took extra care to adhere to the fine details. I’ve never been so proud of type before in my life.

Sweden With Love will probably be one of the few sites I’ll build this year (often < 3) and I’m glad the result turned out so well.

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