See a list of your Loved / Liked songs in Apple Music

Apple Music is awesome! …but quite difficult to figure out ? It took me some digging around to figure out how to find my Loved tracks, but I finally figured it out. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click the heart button (♥) to Love the song
  2. Click the 3-dot button (…) and then click Add to My Music
  3. Create a Smart Playlist where “Loved” = “is true”

Smart playlist to display songs you’ve Loved

That being said… loving / liking a song only tunes the “For Your” section in Apple Music – it doesn’t affect Apple Music Radio. Learn more: How to properly use “Likes” in Apple Music. Something for you to consider as you curate your playlists.


8 Comments on "See a list of your Loved / Liked songs in Apple Music"

  • Zac V says

    If I love a song will it automatically add it to the playlist?

    • You also need to click “Add to My Music”

      • Jainesia says

        How do I get to the list of songs I started?

  • Paula says

    Is there a way I can see my friends’ “loved” music? Or to follow my friends’ music?

    • Unfortunately not right now. Hopefully Apple will add this feature in the future 🙂

  • turtle says

    You could also just get into Itunes, “view”, “sort by” “loved” then just select them all and make a playlist.

  • Only works in iTunes at a computer. Pointless as most people want to do this on the fly while being mobile here they actually do the majority of the loving of tracks. SMH

  • Lloyd says

    Apple if you are reading this – please just send all ‘liked’ tracks to a playlist. There that was easy!

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