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Which geek am I?

Apple Geek on Flickr, by ExtraLife

Apple Geek on Flickr, by ExtraLife

Suffian pointed me to the 56 Geeks project on Flickr. The closest I come to is the Apple Geek, although I would consider myself a bigger Internet Geek 😛

iPhone 3G on Maxis..?

hmm..? link

iPhone beggars

Mark Pilgrim comments on Apple’s philosophy of locking products in regards to the iPhone. Money quote:

I thought the big draw for Apple hardware was that “It Just Works.� By breaking it, you must know you’re giving up the “Just Works� factor, so what’s left? Rounded corners?

If wishes were iPhones, then beggars would call [dive into mark]

Microsoft goes DRM-free too

Microsoft will now also sell DRM-free EMI tunes on their Zune Marketplace. Apparently they’ve been in discussion for ‘some time’ but this looks like they’re totally following the leader (Apple) here.

Microsoft changes tune on selling DRM-free songs (ComputerWorld)

Apple Computer

Jon Gruber tells us why Apple is more of a computer company than ever, despite dropping ‘Computer’ from its name:

This isn’t a new direction for Apple. It’s the same path the company has been on all along. Cool new software powered by OS X, running on beautiful, well-designed hardware describes the iPhone and the Apple TV just as well as it does the Mac.

From his first article as a contributor to Macworld – Apple’s computer, incorporated

EMI drops DRM

Hell is freezing over! EMI, Apple partner on DRM-free premium music. Good on EMI and this shows all Steve Jobs’ doubters of his sincerity for DRM-free music.

Beatles on iTunes soon?

BBC is reporting that EMI will hold a special event together with Steve Jobs later today in London and speculates that the Beatles’ catalogue will be going online soon.

iTunes 7.1

iTunes 7.1 and Quicktime 7.1.5 released. iTunes 7.1 adds AppleTV support, new full-screen Cover Flow (sweet!) and fixes compatibility issues with Windows Vista. Download them both today. Via TUAW.