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My good friend Reese has launched a fantastic new product – luxury website headers that are unique and limited. From the FAQ:

I couldn’t give my best and brightest work to some of the people who wanted it most, the kind of people I wanted to design beautiful things for. People like you.

I take on only a few full website designs a year, at rates in the thousands. But there was all this beauty and design inside of me waiting for the right people. So I created By Reese, so that a handful more people could have a gorgeous website without needing to make the full custom website investment.

Go check out It’s definitely worth a look if you need a touch of design magic for your website or blog.

Here’s a question.

You’re in the iPhone mail app, and you’re looking at your inbox, when a new email arrives. What happens?

The answer to this question is why I love Apple products. I’m totally spoilt by these guys – how will I ever be able to switch to another phone?

Amazon redesign

Amazon’s had a facelift – A Quick Tour of Our New Remodel.

Update 30 Sept: Safari isn’t supported. Frigtards.

Randa Clay Design Blog Pimping Contest


Randa Clay is holding a contest to give bloggers the opportunity to pimp their blog. Who’s Randa? Well, she’s a talented designer, new guest author for Wisdump and I think she sorta started the “I Follow� movement.

This blog post is my entry for her contest. I really hope that I win the contest because I would really like a custom designed blog header for myMacBUZZ or this blog for that matter. I’m sure that Randa would do a great job — just check out her portfolio and some of the WordPress themes that she’s published.

If you want to take part in the contest it’s not too late! Deadline is 24 August, so check out her blog post for more info: Pimp My Blog Contest- Win a Free Blog Header/Logo Design

LogoMaid ripoffs

Dan Cederholm, a designer which I always look to for inspiration, has had the unfortunate luck to have his logo ripped off. Worse, , the offending company, even had the gall to turn the argument around and accuse Dan of stealing from them and threatening to sue. The funniest thing is that they do it in public in the Flickr comments and they’re getting roasted for it.

Daring Fireball has got a great summary of the events, while other blogs are also picking up on it, and people are Digging the story. I’d just like to do my part and put LogoMaid on Google’s results for ‘‘.


Malaysian banking giant Maybank has launched myzone, a financial portal for teenagers aged 12-18. The launch comes with a web design contest where the public can submit ideas/designs for the myzone website.

Personally, I think that the design is ok, but the code is from the last decade. Table-based design, obtrusive Javascript and so many popups! And site organisation is crap too, I can’t even find a page with info on the contest to link to.

DF response to JT

John Gruber of Daring Fireball responds to Joe Trotter’s view on WordPress. Joe didn’t like the design of WordPress’ default templates and John adds his take on design:

Designing is thinking, and if you care about design, every detail — the layout, the colors, the markup, the URL structure — deserves to be thought about.

Default templates are terrific for people who can’t or don’t want to design their own — but they’re terrible starting points for anyone attempting to establish their own unique brand. If you start with nothing, you’re forced to think about everything.

Sigh.. if only Dad had allowed me to go to design school..