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Gabe Weatherhead at Macdrifter wrote an excellent overview of the reasons why he uses Fastmail, its excellent features and how it fits into his workflow.

I’ve been a happy Fastmail user and highly recommend it to anyone looking for reliable hosted email, or alternatives to Gmail. Check out Fastmail.

I'm the email etiquette police

Call me the email etiquette police.

First I sent this email:

Hi everyone,

While I appreciate the frequent updates I would like to politely suggest a change in the way we send and reply emails to each other.

When you click Reply All and include a 1 line email, it distracts my time and makes it more difficult to find the relevant details in the email. E.g. I have to go back 10 emails in this thread to find the meeting time and venue for this Thursday’s meeting. In future, I would appreciate a little more consideration and reply directly to the individual instead of all of us on that list.

To the senders, I also politely suggest to consider using BCC instead of CC. CC exposes my email address to everyone else on the list which I do not appreciate. I consider my email address to be private information like my  phone number. How would you like it if I displayed your mobile number publically to all my acquaintances?

I truly do not mean to offend any of you with my email. I am just sharing my personal feelings about this matter and urging you to change your email habits in the future. Here is more info on email etiquette:

And yes, I should be able to attend the meeting this Thursday.


David Wang

Then I sent 2 anti-spam notifications with I’m on a roll today.

Tell your friends to stop sending you spam:

Web site StopForwarding.Us sends a polite, anonymous email to a contact asking them to stop spamming your inbox with forwards. 

via Lifehacker