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Congratulations Exabytes!

Here’s a quick shout out to my web host Exabytes who won a prize in the Emerging SME category for the 2007 Golden Bull Awards. 

I’ve found Exabytes to provide great value and good service. Definitely one of the better web hosts in Malaysia. Keep up the great work and keep my sites up and running smoothly please!

Day 1 as an entrepreneur

Buzzmedia logo

Today I officially began life as an entrepreneur. I’ve quit my job and while my parents don’t really approve I’ve taken the plunge to start Buzzmedia, an online marketing solutions provider. I’ve not had much time to blog and promote this venture of mine online because I’ve been busy with a client project, so I guess that’s good that I have work.

It’s been an interesting day and already it has thought me lots of things. Although I have work, I won’t get paid till later and that it something that really scares me. I’ve already incurred some costs in preparing collateral and resources for Buzzmedia but what I’m earning from this present project will only come in later this month. And that’s if they pay on time. And it’s still not enough to cover my monthly expenses.

Another obstacle is self-discipline. I was pretty much in ‘the zone’ today working but there were lots of times when looking up answers online led to a rathole to another rathole to another rathole.

Day 1 has been scary to say the least, but that fear has kept me more motivated than I’ve ever been in my two previous jobs. Hopefully once I get on top of things, have more jobs in hand, I’ll relax and start to enjoy the ride. One thing that has been helping me deal with this big new world of entrepreneurship is Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch. It’s a totally awesome book with really practical marketing advice. It’s so great that I’m going to incorporate the tactics and strategies that Jantsch writes about in my products and services. I highly recommend it to any aspiring entrepreneur and small business owner. I’ll write up a more thorough review when I have the time.

Till then, I’m looking forward to Day 2.