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I'm the email etiquette police

Call me the email etiquette police.

First I sent this email:

Hi everyone,

While I appreciate the frequent updates I would like to politely suggest a change in the way we send and reply emails to each other.

When you click Reply All and include a 1 line email, it distracts my time and makes it more difficult to find the relevant details in the email. E.g. I have to go back 10 emails in this thread to find the meeting time and venue for this Thursday’s meeting. In future, I would appreciate a little more consideration and reply directly to the individual instead of all of us on that list.

To the senders, I also politely suggest to consider using BCC instead of CC. CC exposes my email address to everyone else on the list which I do not appreciate. I consider my email address to be private information like my  phone number. How would you like it if I displayed your mobile number publically to all my acquaintances?

I truly do not mean to offend any of you with my email. I am just sharing my personal feelings about this matter and urging you to change your email habits in the future. Here is more info on email etiquette:

And yes, I should be able to attend the meeting this Thursday.


David Wang

Then I sent 2 anti-spam notifications with I’m on a roll today.

Tell your friends to stop sending you spam:

Web site StopForwarding.Us sends a polite, anonymous email to a contact asking them to stop spamming your inbox with forwards. 

via Lifehacker

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