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How to find the ID of a Facebook page for non-admins

If you need to find the ID of a Facebook page, you can click the Edit button and find the ID in the edit page URL, for example

But what if you’re not an admin for the page? You can still find out the page’s ID simply by going to

So if you point your browser at, you’ll find that the ID for Facebook’s official Facebook Page is 20531316728.

Hat tip @dustyhawk

4 Awesome Tutorials on creating iframe Facebook tabs

Facebook recently revamped their Facebook Pages. One of the biggest effects of this is that you will no longer be able to create custom tabs with the Static FBML application by 11 March 2011. Luckily some people have quickly put out some excellent tutorials and resources to get everyone up to speed.

HyperArts has been publishing a series of tutorials on how to create iframe Facebook tabs.

Webdigi shares not only a tutorial, but downloadable examples as well!

Check these articles out and definitely bookmark them to bring yourself up to speed on creating iframe Facebook tabs.


Simple form validation with FBJS on Facebook Page Tabs

Today I was working on a custom Facebook Page which included a sign up form. On the sign up form was a checkbox with an id of confirmoptin that needed to be checked before the form could be submitted: Read More »