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How to find the ID of a Facebook page for non-admins

If you need to find the ID of a Facebook page, you can click the Edit button and find the ID in the edit page URL, for example

But what if you’re not an admin for the page? You can still find out the page’s ID simply by going to

So if you point your browser at, you’ll find that the ID for Facebook’s official Facebook Page is 20531316728.

Hat tip @dustyhawk

WTOTW: Get less spam from Facebook apps

You know when you’re asked by an app for permission to do something with your Facebook profile? Maybe it wants to get your Facebook profile picture, or it’s going to automatically Like a page for you — you’re agreeing to these actions, but you probably don’t want to receive emails from the company behind the app right?

Well just do this and you’ll get less spam from Facebook apps. Click the Change link in the popup dialog and change the option to An anonymous email address.

You’re welcome.

Kill the Facebook ticker with custom CSS

Some reports say that 86% of people hate the new Facebook design, and I bet it’s the ticker that’s the target of everyone’s ire. I did some investigation and found that it was actually not too difficult to kill the ticker.. if you’re willing to get your hands dirty with CSS.

Background for non-geeks: CSS is a language that controls how a web page looks. Luckily, website users like us can also specify our own CSS to override what websites want to show us. In this case, we’ll be using our own CSS to hide the Facebook ticker.

Download the Stylish browser extension

Stylish is a browser add-on that enables us to use our own CSS for specific websites. It’s available for both Firefox and Google Chrome. Safari users can use the User CSS extension. (I’m a Safari user too, but the majority of the world isn’t. Hence the Firefox examples..)

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Sometimes you want to control the images that appear at the top of your Facebook profile. Maybe you’re trying to be artistic like these guys.

This post suggests an all or nothing solution. As far as I can tell, there’s still no way to only show your own photos (not photos tagged by friends) appearing at the top of your profile.

Reduce spam from Facebook contests

Marketers today are getting smarter with social media and we are starting to see more Facebook integrations. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said with email.

Too many lazy idiot marketers are happy to collect your email addresses when you participate in their contests and then spam you to hell later. Here’s how you can reduce spam from the Facebook contests you participate in.

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Simple form validation with FBJS on Facebook Page Tabs

Today I was working on a custom Facebook Page which included a sign up form. On the sign up form was a checkbox with an id of confirmoptin that needed to be checked before the form could be submitted: Read More »

Hide status updates from Facebook apps, not your friends

I find it irritating when I log in and see status updates from apps that my friends are using. If you feel the same, here’s how you can hide these updates without blocking your friends.

Slap in the Facebook

Wired says that all your photos, videos, etc on Facebook “is stranded in a walled garden, cut off from the rest of the web” and exhorts web users to “build your own Facebook”. I agree with their wish for an open social network… but build your own Facebook? Too much effort and gosh darn it – Facebook is too fun!