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[FAIL] Rosalinda's Welcome To Malaysia

This is a video that has gone viral for the wrong reasons. I think the original video has been pulled by the artiste, but there are lots like this that put fake and obscene subtitles to the song. Be warned – it could get painful..

Sensationalist Headline of the Year – Berita Mingguan: Blogger Earns RM1 Million

Berita Minggu 23 Jan 2011

The weekend pullout of Berita Harian called Berita Minggu ran a huge headline titled “Blogger untung RM1 juta” which loosely translates as “Blogger earns RM1 million”. Fiona has kindly reproduced the article on her blog.

Pish pash! No mention that blogging is hard work (and not just writing too). No earnings breakdown like Darren Rowse – watch out Darren, I’m gunning for you.

To make money online, you can’t just blog. You need a plan. A business plan. Because a blog that makes money isn’t a hobby, it’s an online business. This is what I’m blogging about at The ClickStarter (it’s stalled for the moment while I’m working on my secret launch..)

Well anyway, that’s the state of blogging in Malaysia – it’s all about the money. Quick, easy money that doesn’t exist.

P.S. Bloggers can’t escape taxes too. See the accompanying story in the sidebar, LOL

This is why I don’t read newspapers. The Star has clearly jumped the shark.

Olympic video screen FAIL

Blue Screen of Death Strikes Bird’s Nest During Opening Ceremonies Torch Lighting