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More robust footer widget areas for Headway

I recently got an email from a reader who wanted to know how I implemented my footer widget areas, and seen some similar requests in the Headway forums. With Headway, you can flip your widget areas horizontally to make a widgetized footer but it works best when you only have 3-4 widgets in them. I wanted to have more flexibility and so I injected 3 widget areas into my footer.

Screenshot for posterity, if I ever re-design this blog. Click for full-size image.

I didn’t have time for a full tutorial but hopefully you’ll find these code snippets useful: custom_functions.php for Headway theme custom.css for fat footer widget areas

Here’s a guest post I contributed to the Headway blog:

Recently I launched a redesign of my personal blog ( which essentially turned it into a tumblog. I achieved the look and functionality with the Headway theme and the WooTumblog plugin. I received a few questions about the redesign so here is a tutorial on how you can do the same with your Headway blog.

What is a tumblog / tumblelog?

Some people were confused with the concept of a tumblog so I thought I would explain it first.

A tumblog is a publishing tool that is in between Twitter (140 characters) and full-blown blogging (500+ words). It’s great for times when you have more to say than what Twitter will allow, but not so much that it deserves an entire blog post. I simply wanted to post a link / image / video and add a comment to it, without worrying about the post formatting. A tumblog is perfect for that.

Five Nerds and Projectionist are typical examples of tumblogs–short form snippets of content with occasional long posts.

Remove Headway update notifications

As you know I’m a big fan of the Headway WordPress theme. So much so I’ve been using it in client projects.

The one (small) drawback is that Headway puts a notice in the Dashboard every time there’s a new version. For certain clients I really don’t want to have anything to do with them after the project, so I would like to disable the notification. Here’s how.

In Headway’s custom_functions.php, simply add this line:

remove_action('admin_notices', 'headway_update_notice');

Solved. No more nagging client asking me what is this “Headway update thing”.

Can you drastically change how WordPress looks in 10 minutes? The Headway theme can!

I’m a user and big fan of the Headway Premium WordPress theme. This blog is made with Headway. I’ve been wanting to do a review of it and so I challenged myself to customise the default Headway style into a business website – all in 10 minutes. Check the video out and let me know what you think.

I followed that up with a full review of Headway and why I think it’s a great solution for small businesses. Check out my Headway theme review on the Buzzmedia blog:

WordPress for small business – even better with the Headway Premium WordPress Theme

Headway Premium WordPress Theme now powered by Headway

Finally! I’ve redesigned my site. And it’s using the most advanced WordPress theme I’ve ever seen.

This theme is called Headway, and you get kick-ass features like drag and drop layout editing, color-pickers for almost everything on the site, awesome SEO and much more. Here’s a quick video showcasing some of its features:
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