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Microsoft Surface Tablet

I felt that I should add my 2 cents to the discussion about Microsoft’s Surface Tablet. I think it’s promising, and if anything should spur some competition. Hopefully. Otherwise I wouldn’t hold my breath. I remember when Windows 7 was so long delayed that I ended up not caring, and just enduring Windows Vista.  Read More »

iPad: Year One

Apple’s promo movie on how people are using the iPad

Reading on the iPad: iBooks vs Kindle

So I’ve had my iPad for a little over a month now. By far the thing that I do the most on it is to read ebooks. In fact that was one of my main motivations of buying the iPad in the first place. In this past month, I’ve read at least 3 whole novels on my iPad and this blog post aims to share my experience of using the iPad as an ebook reader.

Books on the iPad comes in many forms, from PDFs that you read with a PDF reader, to apps that only contain a single book, to library-style apps which allow you to download and manage entire book collections. The reading experience depends a lot on what you use to read the text of the book and my review is based on 2 library style apps – Apple’s iBooks app and Amazon’s Kindle app.

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The iBooks bookshelf


Kindle app bookshelf


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Now I understand all the fuss about the Kindle

So I got an iPad. Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the fanboy gushing. I actually want to talk about Amazon’s Kindle service.

I’ve been wanting to stop buying paper books for a while now. I’ve also been buying ebooks in PDF and ePub format. Reading these ebooks have been less than ideal because I’ve had to read them on my computer (inconvenient) or on my iPhone (too difficult).

Kindle on iPad Read More »