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2010: Year In Review

2010 is drawing to a close. It’s been a great year for me. Yep, it was that awesome. To continue on from last year, I present a review of my 2010.

Personal Outlook

I think 2010 was the year I really discovered myself. I feel that more than ever, I have clarity about what I want out of life. Priorities have changed, and I’m not the same person I was 2-3 years ago.

I am not discontented. I am not chasing for ‘more’. I am not worried about things that don’t matter in the big picture.

I am now more purposeful. I am raring to go. I am different. I am grateful. I am happy. Read More »

Why I don't want to be Chris Brogan

If you’re in the social media business you’d definitely want to be like Chris Brogan. He’s like the father of social media marketing. He wrote a book on it. His blog has got more readers than I’ll ever have. In short, he’s a rockstar.

Lots of people would love to trade places with Chris, but not me. I’m not saying that I’m lazy, but it starts to get crazy when it get’s like this:

I thought about the inanity of waking up at 5:45AM after going to bed around 12:45AM and not really falling asleep until closer to 3AM.

See more in his Overnight Success series.

It’s the first week of the new decade and I’ve been thinking long and hard about my priorities. Things have changed for me, I’m gonna be a daddy. I have nothing but respect for Chris, but I think I’d rather follow the footsteps of Tim Ferris, Jonathan Fields or John & Lea Woodward. I bet they get more sleep, and more time to watch their kids grow up.

2009: Year In Review

I figured I should really start doing yearly summaries since I blog irregularly. Hence, I present to you David Wang’s year in review, 2009 edition.


I started off 2009 as the Web Analytics and Social Media Manager for AGENDA. We had moved to our new office in Solaris Mont Kiara and my commute had grown longer. It was a good job that helped me gain the experience I needed to springboard my own business.

David's Dip

In June, I took Buzzmedia out of hibernation and started working full time on it again. This time, it felt like Buzzmedia 2.0 because I think I finally managed to get my business on the right track. Many people asked why I was leaving my job in the middle of a global recession, so I wrote down my answers why. Read More »

On my own again

After about a year since I joined AGENDA, I am striking it out on my own again. Lot’s of friends and colleagues have asked me why and it’s quite difficult to explain. To help explain (and remind myself why I made this decision), I’ve created this little graphic:

David's Dip

Read More »