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Maybank SWIFT code and routing number

Last year I signed up with Braintree to process payments for my business. They needed to know my bank details to send me the money. I couldn’t find reliable sources of these details online, so I had to reach out directly to Maybank and an old contact there to get these.


Routing number: not applicable, see Twitter conversation below

Branch code/number:

Your branch number is contained in your account number, specifically digits 2–6. If your account number is 1123530XXXXX, 12353 is your branch number. (The first digit indicates the account type).

Hope you find this info useful!

Happy Malaysia Day!


Dearest Malaysia,

Happy 50th birthday! As we celebrate this milestone together, I’m reminded of how much I love you. I love your awesome natural wonders, your beautiful people, your colorful celebrations and your delicious food.. mmm, I love me a good nasi lemak.

Of course, things aren’t always great. No country is perfect. I don’t blame you, I blame the twats who have grown thick in the head after staying in power for so long. I’m sure we’ll fix the problem in time.

Malaysia is my home and I’m proud to call myself Malaysian. I love you more each year and I want my children to love you as much as I do.

Happy Malaysia Day, and may you grow ever more beautiful every year.


Picture credit: sam4605 on Flickr

One way to get Instagram followers…

I avoid talking politics but Najib’s ads and promo tactics are becoming too invasive. From ads on my favorite sites, personalized mailers, to Chinese New Year TV ads, or banners on lamp posts, or his henchmen are sending me SMSes, I’m sick of his face.

The most epic bowl of Maggi noodles I've ever seen


How do you turn an ordinary bowl of instant noodles into an epic one? By adding a humongous crab to the bowl of course!

The most epic bowl of Maggi noodles I’ve ever seen, courtesy of my friend Ezak’s Facebook photos.

Amadeus Bistro & Wine Bar – where good music and food meet

Green Peppercorn Steak

My friend Dina recently opened her 2nd restaurant – Amadeus Bistro & Wine Bar – in Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. I’ve been eager to visit and have a taste of the food for myself, especially after getting lots of “OMG my mouth is watering!” comments on the photo above that I posted to Facebook 🙂

Dina invited me to a meet and greet dinner with some bloggers and I gladly accepted. The bistro has an understated and elegant interior decor. There is a sitting space inside and a bar at the front, making Amadeus great for both sit down meals and just to have drinks. Oh yes, they have Guinness on tap 😉 Amadeus also has Enomatic wine dispensers so you can enjoy fresh wine by the glass instead of by the bottle.

Dina demonstrates the Enomatic wine dispenser

The food was also really good. The chef definitely has both talent and experience. The menu he and Dina have put together seems well balanced and the dishes we tried tasted as good as they looked. The lousy photos I took from my phone doesn’t do the food justice, so here are some that I’ve “borrowed” from their Facebook page. Read More »

Malaysian Parliament passes dumb amendment to the law that will screw you over. Learn up the facts and #Stop114A

What you need to know about #Stop114A in plain English

Imagine if someone posts a defamatory comment on your blog post. He’s the author, but under an amendment to the law passed by Parliament, you’d be held accountable. Also consider:

  • Maybe you offer free wifi at your business premises. Or someone logs on to your home wifi. They post something seditious through your internet connection, you had no idea what was going on.
  • Someone posts something libelous from your phone, iPad or laptop. Maybe it was stolen. Maybe someone was trying to get you into trouble. You had no idea what was going on.

Under the new amendment to the Evidence Act 1950, you have to prove your innocence in the matter. This amendment is called Section 114A – Presumption of Fact in Publication. In plain English, it presumes that you willingly published seditious or libelous content if it was traced back to your computer, website or internet connection.

Instead of being innocent until proven guilty, the amendment makes it so that you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent. Read More »

Congrats Dato' Lee Chong Wei on your Olympic silver! #TeamMalaysia


Last Sunday, I was united with millions of other Malaysians for one cause: cheering on Lee Chong Wei in the London 2012 Olympics Men’s Badminton Final.

Chong Wei produced a brilliant effort, but alas he was edged out by nemesis Lin Dan.

“I’m sorry,” Chong Wei tweeted after the match. The weight of a nation’s hopes for its first ever Olympic gold must have crushed him.

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iTunes Store launches in Malaysia + other Asian countries

iTunes Malaysia with localized content

Woot! Woke up to some sweet news this morning. Apple has now expanded it’s iTunes Store to Asian countries including Malaysia. This means that we can buy music and movies legally, with our credit cards through the store. The content is localized too, featuring Modern Classics from Aaron Kwok, Leon Lai and Raihan 😛

I’m glad that there’s now an easy avenue for Malaysians to get access to digital media legally, and hopefully local artists can take advantage of this too.

Official Press Release:

Apple Launches iTunes Store in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan & Nine Additional Countries in Asia Today

In a move that goes against the MSC Bill of Guarantees of no internet censorship, the Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism Ministry has instructed Malaysian internet service providers (ISPs) to block several file sharing websites. The Star reports that the sites were blocked due to violating the Copyright Act 1987.

[FAIL] Rosalinda's Welcome To Malaysia

This is a video that has gone viral for the wrong reasons. I think the original video has been pulled by the artiste, but there are lots like this that put fake and obscene subtitles to the song. Be warned – it could get painful..