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Sennheiser PC36 review: High quality mid-range USB headset with microphone

I make quite a bit of Skype calls for work, and I occasionally make podcasts and screencasts which require me to record audio. I need a good multipurpose microphone headset that’s affordable, and having used the Sennheiser PC 36 for 2 weeks, I’m glad to say that it fits the bill. Here’s my uneducated and imbalanced Sennheiser PC36 review.

Summary: At USD60, this headset is an excellent mid-range USB headset with microphone for making VOIP calls, recording audio and listening to music. Highly recommended if you’re not a fussy audiophile.

Sound Quality

It’s not the best quality headset mic you can buy, but it’s not the cheapest either. The Sennheiser PC 36 holds it’s own against the other microphones that I have – a Logitech Clear Chat Pro, a MXL USB.006 condenser microphone and my MacBook’s built-in mic. Listen to how it sounds in this 5-minute audio clip I made.

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