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Zachary rolls over

Zack was exhausted after all the effort in rolling over

You can’t imagine how proud Pei Chyi & I are as parents ๐Ÿ™‚

Father's Day: This Time Was Different


This year’s Father’s Day was extra special. It was the first time I celebrated Father’s Day as a son and as a new father. With only 3 months of experience I’m not the most experienced dad.

My experience to date has mainly been cradling baby to sleep at all hours of the day, pulling boogers out of baby Zack’s little nose (don’t ask), baby baths and poop disasters. It’s been quite a ride and can be pretty exhausting. For example, my Father’s Day was met with baby Zack waking up 3 times at night.

Despite the lack of beauty sleep, fatherhood has been wonderful. Every time I look at baby Zack peacefully sound asleep my heart just melts.

I’m looking forward to many more happy Father’s Days to come.

Eagerly anticipating Muffin's arrival

Muffin is due to arrive in a matter of weeks and we’re both very excited. Occasionally I find myself thinking, “OMG! I’m going to be a daddy!”

Lots of excitement, tempered with cold sweat..

Pei Chyi and I attended pre-natal classes at SDMC conducted by Jenlia Maternal Services. Highly recommended. They brought us to tour the delivery rooms.

We’ve also got all the clothes, diapers, mats, pillows and god knows what else.


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