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I've been FlipFaced!

A while ago, I saw a tweet by @Veronica talking about her new FlipFace avatar. I had a look and it was really sweet! I’ve been wanting a cartoon-style avatar for a long time and at USD10 a pop I didn’t even blink twice! Check out my very own avatar:

My FlipFace

My FlipFace

The picture it was based on

The picture it was based on

What do you think? Tell me in the comments (but please be gentle :P)

In my personal opinion, I think the artist Len Peralta did a great job. I’m using it as my Twitter avatar, and I think it really stands out. Get your own FlipFace too! And be sure to follow @jawboneradio on Twitter!

P.S. If you’re looking for a different style of avatar, you can also check out Fast Icon caricatures which I had almost purchased.

Social calling cards


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Flickr photo by Adam "Slice" Kuban

The other day when I met Erna at the M2U 2.0 preview, she gave me one of her MOO cards.

Then today Lifehacker had a post about Social Calling Cards. These are cards that you give to exchange contact details for social purposes, and not business.

Great idea! I feel like getting some for myself, but having itchy hands (and coz I don’t really take great photos), I think I’ll design them myself. Check back in 2 years to see if I’m done. Or Maybe I’ll just order them from