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Welcome Aaron

Aaron’s first selfie.

3.6kg & 50cm long, even bigger than his brother!

Zack's birthday

Zack’s recently gotten into Toy Story, so this year I got him Woody and Buzz Lightyear. I had to buy them from and have them shipped all the way, which was a bit of a hassle, but Zack’s reaction was so worth it. And I have fun playing with them too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Don't expect me to work for free

Dear friends

Many of you know that I’m a WordPress expert for hire. Therefore I know you don’t mean any harm when you ask me to look at your blog when you have problems, or when you invite me for coffee to “discuss your website”.

However you should know that WordPress puts food on my table, and feeds this little guy.

Photo credit: Pei Chyi’s Instagram feed

In light of this knowledge, if you are asking for my help, it would be nice if you say right upfront that you’re happy to pay me (and not act surprised or peeved when I send you a price quote).

This way your site gets taken care of (like a boss), I get paid, Zack has a happy tummy and we can stay friends. Everybody wins!

Thanks a lot for your support and understanding. I value our friendship! Sincerely,


Cool dude

There's a new bad ass in town.. and his name is Zack

Zack looks killer with my Nerf gun and tiger-stripe sunnies

Our new home

Last Friday (11.11.11) we moved into our new home in Lagoon Villas, Kota Kemuning. It was a great experience, although one that you don’t want to have to go through too often.



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Turning 30

In July I turned 30. It’s a big milestone to pass as I’m now in my 4th decade. These are some thoughts and personal reflections of where I am in life now. Read More »

[UPDATED] Climbing Mt Kinabalu: We made it!

This Wednesday to Sunday (6-10 April), I am climbing Southeast Asia’s tallest mountain โ€“ Mt Kinabalu. My expedition partners are Pei Chyi (@peichyi), my brother Eric and sister Yvonne (@yviewangle). Follow us on our climb through Twitter, see if I pass out or make it to the top!

Live tweets from the climb

We’ll be tweeting from the mountain where we can. For the areas that we don’t have 3G or EDGE, we’ve signed up with gladlyCast to post our tweets by SMS. Yes, I know we’re obsessed.

Our Itinerary

We have a more relaxed schedule and are making the hike over 3 days and 2 nights. Our itinerary:

Day 1: Timpohon Gate to Laban Rata
Day 2: Laban Rata to Low’s Peak, back to Laban Rata
Day 3: Laban Rata back down to Timpohon

This is a map of the trail we are hiking.

Click for the full sized image

Update: We made it!

We made it to the summit!

P.S. This is a pretty good site for those who are curious about climbing Mt Kinabalu –

3 Years


The past 3 years have just flown by, and they’ve been the best years of my life. Happy Anniversary Pei Chyi, I love you.

I thought I got attacked by spammers but it was just my birthday

Yesterday I turned 29. It was a fun day and I wanted to record this day for posterity. The day started off with my awesome wife Pei Chyi making me breakfast in bed.

Breakfast in Bed Birthday Edition

I honestly thought I was dreaming. She woke me and said, “I’ve got a surprise for you. But you can’t leave the bedroom.” And thus I enjoyed my 1st ever breakfast in bed.

This was followed up with an amazing lunch with chocolate fondue for dessert.

Birthday dessert

Mmm.. now you know why I’ve put on weight since getting married.

Pei Chyi took a day off for my birthday so we went out to run a few errands, and I got a back massage in Circle Art of Massage at The Curve. First time I tried them and I was pleased with the results. Don’t let the demure Chinese female masseuse fool you – she’s really strong. I also managed to write a blog post about Friendster Group CEO Ganesh Kumar Bangah.

My birthday felt like a nice little holiday in the middle of a crazy busy period at work. Thanks Pei Chyi, I really enjoyed it and spending time with you and the boy.

Goo Goo

Goo goo gaa gaa

Thank You Internet (and Real Life) Friends

I received Facebook wall posts and Tweets all day long from all of you. Like I said, I thought I got attacked by spammers when I woke up yesterday. I know that I don’t meet up with you often enough so I want to say thank you publicly on my blog.

I’m really lucky to know all of you and I appreciate our friendship. Thanks for being part of my special day yesterday. Cheers!

Father's Day: This Time Was Different


This year’s Father’s Day was extra special. It was the first time I celebrated Father’s Day as a son and as a new father. With only 3 months of experience I’m not the most experienced dad.

My experience to date has mainly been cradling baby to sleep at all hours of the day, pulling boogers out of baby Zack’s little nose (don’t ask), baby baths and poop disasters. It’s been quite a ride and can be pretty exhausting. For example, my Father’s Day was met with baby Zack waking up 3 times at night.

Despite the lack of beauty sleep, fatherhood has been wonderful. Every time I look at baby Zack peacefully sound asleep my heart just melts.

I’m looking forward to many more happy Father’s Days to come.