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Brian Clark on Marketing Land:

But the true allure of content marketing is in building an audience. Rather than the constant rat race of conventional online lead generation, an audience puts your business into an entirely different space within your industry. Instead of buying access to an audience from the media, your company becomes the media. In the process, you build an owned media asset (your content-rich website) that gets more powerful and valuable each month and each year that you continue producing content.

I’ll add a final point to Brian’s excellent article: It takes hard work

Facebook Contest Ideas to Grow Your Fan Pages

Editor’s note 1 Jan 2013: Originally published at The Buzzmedia blog has since been retired. In addition, this post is rather outdated as Facebook’s promotion policies have changed considerably since this article was published.


Facebook is an important tactic in every small business marketer’s repetoire, and the key to success in Facebook marketing is to grow your Facebook Fan base. Contests are a popular way of achieving this goal, so here are some contest ideas which you can implement for free to grow your Facebook Fan page. Take note that Facebook has some strict promotional guidelines, so be sure to read my advice on this at the conclusion of the article.

Facebook Treasure Hunt

This contest model involves posing questions to your fan page and providing clues or answers on your website. To participate, Facebook users must look for the answer on your website and then answer the question with a comment to your status update or note. Of course, to be able to comment the participant needs to be a Fan (Like) your page first.

This contest model provides the additional benefit of driving traffic to your website. For best results, make your questions easy to answer and provide a series of questions so that people have multiple opportunities to partcipate.
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