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Evernote for Travel

Last night I shared some of my tips for using Evernote to plan a trip or vacation at the Kuala Lumpur Evernote user meetup. The meetup was held in conjunction with DiGi who are announcing some interesting collaborations with Evernote next week – you heard it here first 🙂

Embedded above are my slides from my session (Evernote for Travel on Scribd), and here is a recap of my talk. I made the majority of the slides by drawing them out with Penultimate. Since the app was acquired by Evernote and integrated into its database, I’ve found it useful to replace scraps of paper on my desk. The best thing is that my jottings, phone numbers, etc are searchable within Evernote now. Enough waffling, time to dive into travel tips for Evernote!


Every trip involves 1 thing – checklists. I avoid repetition as much as possible, so I save template checklists as notes in my Evernote Checklists notebook. In it I have packing lists which I modify for each trip, e.g. sometimes I need my passport, sometimes I don’t. Or you can create different checklist for different types of trips – short trip, overseas trip, or business trip. Also useful is a house prep list for things like stopping the newspaper, set lighting timers, etc. Evernote also allows you to insert checkboxes into your notes, which is very useful to see progress of your checklist at a glance. Read More »

I had a small part to play in helping secure the venue for this year’s WordPress party at SXSW 2012. I won’t be able to attend in person, but I’m glad that I could contribute to the the WordPress community in a small way 🙂

Check out the link for the full story. published my guest post today. Guess that officially makes me a professional blogger 😀

@blogjunkie talks Google+ on BFM Radio Hard Tech

I was invited back to BFM Radio as a guest on their Hard Tech show with Mei Ying (@meiyingt).

The topic of our discussion is the latest social network that has got everyone in a tizzy – Google+. Listen to the interview on the BFM website: Hard Tech: Google+. I’ve also mirrored a copy of the interview here, so you can listen with the audio player above.

P.S. I have some Google+ invites. If you want them, tweet me (@blogjunkie) your Gmail address. First come first served!

Yours truly was quoted in The Star regarding the MCMC block of file sharing websites:

The online file-sharing community remains active despite the Government’s move to block 10 such websites to curb piracy.

Blogger and online marketing consultant David Wang said most users simply moved on to other websites offering the same facilities and services to download content.

“Users can also continue using the blocked websites by getting around it in a few simple steps,” he said.

Wang, who published a blog post titled “What is a DNS (Domain Name System) block and three ways to get around it” following the Govern­ment’s ban against the websites, said IT expertise was not necessary to gain access.

Read the full article on The Star Online.

Some nitpicks with the first sentence of the article – I think it would have been more accurate to say that “online file sharing activity remains active”. The reasons for the block is clearly following the official line from the Government and doesn’t accurately reflect why web users circumvent the blocking i.e. to bypass censorship.

How to make WordPress bulletproof for clients

This is my talk at WordCon / WordCamp Asia 2011. Here are the notes from my presentation – for my reference and yours. If you enjoyed my ideas here, please Like or tweet this post. Thanks!
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@blogjunkie talks Twitter for Business on BFM Radio


Yesterday, I made my way to the offices and studio of BFM Radio for an interview on the station’s Enterprise show. I appeared on the show’s Tech Talk segment to speak with host Freda Liu about Twitter for Business. Read More »

Online marketing consultant and blogger David Wang tells MEENA SREENIVASAN how blogging has helped him reach out to others.

This was an interview to help promote my blogging workshop conducted in collaboration with the New Straits Times.

The blogjunkie was quoted by NST in an article about Blogging

Yours truly was quoted in the New Sunday Times today in an article called Blogging, so yesterday. The article title is not really accurate though, since both Julian and I say quite definitively that blogging is here to stay and not going away. I’m very humbled by the opportunity and I think it’s pretty awesome to be quoted an article together with Kenny Sia and the super-smart Julian Hopkins.

Yours truly was a panelist on The Digital Edge Podcast (Episode 26). We talked iPads (I’m bullish), PM Najib Razak’s social media strategy (decide if you want to be in or out) & Maxis’ 1Store mobile app store (what a half-assed effort).