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Ninja Standing Desk

Standing desks are definitely catching on. Found this new one via Kate Kendall. The Ninja Standing Desk started out as a Kickstarter project which was successfully funded. The desk works by attaching to a door, and comes with 2 or 3 shelf configurations for you to sit or stand. The main advantage is the portability – it folds up into a compact package that you can bring along when traveling or working remotely.

It’s not as affordable as the aforementioned WorkEZ desk, but still within the reach of most at USD177 onwards depending on configuration and shipping. Strangely though, they are only accepting payment via Bitcoin, which reduces the accessibility of the product. Hopefully they will incorporate more traditional billing methods soon.

via Kate Kendall

WorkEZ standing desk

After blogging about my custom standing workstation the other day, reader Adrienne commented that she had bought a WorkEZ standing desk. I was intrigued so I Googled them.

The WorkEZ system looks like a great alternative if you don’t want to DIY your own standing desk, or simply prefer a cheap ($60) and simple solution. I like that the WorkEZ is flexible and can also function as a regular height laptop stand. It also looks like it could fold up and fit in a backpack.


WorkEZ system website – Uncaged Ergonomics

A review of the WorkEZ system on MacWorld

Custom DIY standing desk with Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm, made from IKEA NUMERÄR countertop

When I put together my original IKEA standing desk, I was still experimenting and wanted a solution where I could convert back into a regular sitting desk if necessary.

That solution worked well enough but it was never a long term solution. The biggest problem I had with it was that the computer screen was too far away from my face (the desk I used was 60cm deep) and I found myself leaning forwards to make out text on the screen. The desk was also pretty unstable and would begin to wobble if I was typing quickly.

So when I moved into my new home in late 2011, I began devising a more permanent and flexible solution. The result is this: a standing workstation made from an IKEA NUMERÄR countertop and an Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm.

My new standing desk is elbow height, with the awesome Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm

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Colin Nederkoorn used stock IKEA parts to build his standing desk for only USD22. He used a LACK table, Viktor Shelf, and 2 Ekby Valter brackets. This solution though, requires that you put the assembled thingy on top of a regular desk. I had considered doing this myself before but the genius here is the shelf that goes on the front of the LACK table. Great job Colin!

via Lifehacker

Hacking Together A DIY IKEA Standing Desk

Update: I’m now using an upgraded hack. See my Custom DIY standing desk with Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm

I’m standing as I’m typing this. I’m standing because I’ve got a new desk–a standing desk.

IKEA DIY standing desk

Why Use a Standing Desk?

One of the first questions I get when I tell people I’m now standing while working is why?

The biggest motivation for me was because I didn’t want to sit on my ass the whole day. I feel that sitting for long periods has been contributing to my growing waistline and makes my work day very sedentary.

Standing on the other hand, takes a significant physical effort. At the end of my first week using the desk, my calves are sore, and I can feel my hamstrings and glutes at work. I can’t slouch while standing so my shoulders and back muscles are activated as well.

Building My DIY IKEA Standing Desk

I’ve never really stood up while working, so I wasn’t sure if I could really make the switch. So ideally my desk had to revert back to a sitting desk if standing and working didn’t work for me. One solution was to get an ergo desk–there’s Geekdesk in North America and I saw a pretty good one in The Curve in Mutiara Damansara–but they were way beyond my budget.
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