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WTOTW: Get less spam from Facebook apps

You know when you’re asked by an app for permission to do something with your Facebook profile? Maybe it wants to get your Facebook profile picture, or it’s going to automatically Like a page for you — you’re agreeing to these actions, but you probably don’t want to receive emails from the company behind the app right?

Well just do this and you’ll get less spam from Facebook apps. Click the Change link in the popup dialog and change the option to An anonymous email address.

You’re welcome.

GoDaddy supports SOPA, so let's all move to Hover

Recently I’ve started using Hover as my main domain registrar, an excellent alternative to the popular GoDaddy which is where many people buy their domain names from. Like many others, I have got tired of GoDaddy’s site and service. Their CEO’s elephant-killing antics didn’t help with their public image too.

Today, we have another reason to ditch GoDaddy – they are a supporter of the Stop Online Piracy Act. While stopping online piracy is a noble cause, this bill being put forward by US lawmakers is really dumb. So dumb that Google, Yahoo!, Twitter, Craigslist and many other internet giants are opposed against the bill. Ars Technica has a great explanation on why SOPA is so bad.

Anyway, back to Hover. Go check out their website and compare them against GoDaddy. They currently have a promotion where transferring domains to Hover only costs USD10.

P.S. Use my affiliate link and get 10% off 😉

Neener neener neener! I've got Twitter secret features

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The Mac App Store launched today and out of the blocks the most popular app by far is the official Twitter app (download from the App Store).

While everyone else is ooh-ing and ah-ing over it’s shiny-ness, look at me! I’ve got Super Secret settings *grin* Read More »

Should the USA 'protect' the internet?

Secretary Clinton Delivers Remarks on Internet Freedom

2010 kicked off with a very interesting high-stakes drama unfolding between Google and China. The situation has now blown up and got the US government involved. Yesterday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a speech on Internet Freedom which basically outlined a new foreign policy for USA and extended it to the internet.

In a nutshell, the US wants to help ensure the freedom of the internet to everyone, all over the world, especially in countries like Iran and China. Erick Schonfeld in Techcrunch says it best:

Apparently, it is now the U.S. government’s foreign policy to protect and promote these freedoms throughout the information “commons” which extend beyond our physical borders.  It is also U.S. foreign policy to encourage corporations, particularly those in the technology industry, to protect these freedoms.

I’d highly encourage reading the Techcrunch article which does a great job of explaining Clinton’s speech – Hillary Clinton Extends Foreign Policy To The Internet And Wants Your Help. For background on how this all came about, check out CNET News’ roundup (Google’s challenge in China), especially this video that summarises everything – Video: China’s attack on Google explained.

My Thoughts

I’m really not a fan of politics and international relations. However this seems like a really big development that may impact the internet throughout the world, and not just in China and USA.

This also smacks of USA being the world’s sherrif, but I ask myself who else could or would even try to protect the internet. And on the other hand is China – the world’s largest country and possibly the most powerful – is censoring the media and the internet like nobody’s business. If our silly politicians here try to censor the internet we would be up in arms right?

I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I definitely don’t want the internet to be censored or for there to be a Chinese internet and an English internet. What do you think?

Photo Credit: Flickr/ U.S. State Dept

Adobe is making Flash searchable.. but only to Google and Yahoo. Link

Microsoft unveils revamped Zunes

Microsoft unveils revamped Zunes | CNET

The problem is that the newest Zune models don’t offer anything demonstrably better than the iPod

What? Did you expect something original out of Microsoft?


FSJ points to a leaked copy of the next generation Windows operating system. It’s “Really Good”. Be sure to check out the online demo.

Microsoft is dead

Microsoft is dead, says Paul Graham.

Microsoft’s biggest weakness is that they still don’t realize how much they suck.

I love that line.

Apple Computer

Jon Gruber tells us why Apple is more of a computer company than ever, despite dropping ‘Computer’ from its name:

This isn’t a new direction for Apple. It’s the same path the company has been on all along. Cool new software powered by OS X, running on beautiful, well-designed hardware describes the iPhone and the Apple TV just as well as it does the Mac.

From his first article as a contributor to Macworld – Apple’s computer, incorporated

TM revenue target

Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) is aiming to achieve a revenue of RM18.1 billion this year, up 10.36% from RM16.4 billion last year. It said in a statement that revenue growth was expected to be largely driven by its international operations in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and its domestic mobile operations. (Source: The Edge).

This follows a partnership agreement with Verizon Business last week to build an IP hub in Cyberjaya, which will hopefully improve TM Streamyx’s performance.

I’m waiting to see how you do, TM.