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Evernote for Travel

Last night I shared some of my tips for using Evernote to plan a trip or vacation at the Kuala Lumpur Evernote user meetup. The meetup was held in conjunction with DiGi who are announcing some interesting collaborations with Evernote next week – you heard it here first 🙂

Embedded above are my slides from my session (Evernote for Travel on Scribd), and here is a recap of my talk. I made the majority of the slides by drawing them out with Penultimate. Since the app was acquired by Evernote and integrated into its database, I’ve found it useful to replace scraps of paper on my desk. The best thing is that my jottings, phone numbers, etc are searchable within Evernote now. Enough waffling, time to dive into travel tips for Evernote!


Every trip involves 1 thing – checklists. I avoid repetition as much as possible, so I save template checklists as notes in my Evernote Checklists notebook. In it I have packing lists which I modify for each trip, e.g. sometimes I need my passport, sometimes I don’t. Or you can create different checklist for different types of trips – short trip, overseas trip, or business trip. Also useful is a house prep list for things like stopping the newspaper, set lighting timers, etc. Evernote also allows you to insert checkboxes into your notes, which is very useful to see progress of your checklist at a glance. Read More »

Reduce spam from Facebook contests

Marketers today are getting smarter with social media and we are starting to see more Facebook integrations. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said with email.

Too many lazy idiot marketers are happy to collect your email addresses when you participate in their contests and then spam you to hell later. Here’s how you can reduce spam from the Facebook contests you participate in.

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Hide status updates from Facebook apps, not your friends

I find it irritating when I log in and see status updates from apps that my friends are using. If you feel the same, here’s how you can hide these updates without blocking your friends.

RetailMeNot – online shopping coupon codes

RetailMeNote logo

I just found this great website for online shopping coupons. There are so many sites to shop at and lots of the bigger ones provide coupons which can be used for discounts and special offers. is a directory that keeps track of all these coupons. From now on I’m going to check RetailMeNot out for deals before checking out any online shopping carts.

Flickr Newbie Guide

Must get girlfriend to check out this Newbie’s Guide to Flickr by Webware. Otherwise my subscription will be going to waste :oP

HDTV guide

Despite all his faults, George Ou really knows his HDTVs. Check out this article he wrote: Don’t buy an HDTV without reading this first

GMail delete shortcut

The Digital Inspiration blog has discovered Gmail’s secret delete keyboard shortcut. Works in IE, Firefox and Opera. Sweet 🙂


If your SmartTAG doesn’t register when crossing the first toll on the KL-Seremban highway, you’ll incur a penalty that depletes the amount of remaining credit left on your Touch ‘n Go card. Don’t ask me how I know.

WP2.1 advanced editor

WordPress 2.1 adds an extra feature for its much improved visual editor. Just press Shift+Alt+V to show or hide it while in the editor.

WordPress editor advanced toolbar

Heard about this from Episode 19 of the WordPress Podcast (the easter egg they mentioned).