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You’ve created your WooCommerce store, uploaded all your products and are ready to accept payments via PayPal. But how would you know if PayPal will play nice with your store?

Most people will make a small purchase with a friend’s PayPal account as a live test. But that costs real money and is annoying if you have to test multiple times. This post explains how to test the payment system using the PayPal Sandbox.

The PayPal Sandbox is a place where you can test your shopping cart and other PayPal integrations in a realistic way, except that no money changes hands. This means you can test your PayPal processes in the Sandbox and know they will behave the same on the when you go live.

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Reduce spam from Facebook contests

Marketers today are getting smarter with social media and we are starting to see more Facebook integrations. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said with email.

Too many lazy idiot marketers are happy to collect your email addresses when you participate in their contests and then spam you to hell later. Here’s how you can reduce spam from the Facebook contests you participate in.

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Absolute basic Subversion for newbies with svnX

Update 11 Oct: Someone from the svnX team actually stopped by to add on to my post. See his comments below.

I’m not a programmer, but occasionally need to do programmer type things. One of these things is to use Subversion to keep collaborate on projects with other people. This is a tutorial on how to use Subversion on your Mac, for non-programmers like me. I’ll only cover the basics and what is absolutely necessary to get started with it. Ready? Let’s dive in. Read More »

Hide status updates from Facebook apps, not your friends

I find it irritating when I log in and see status updates from apps that my friends are using. If you feel the same, here’s how you can hide these updates without blocking your friends.

Finally! I've killed all the Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies on Facebook

For months I’ve been clicking IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE whenever I got a Facebook invite to “start biting chumps” through the Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies applications. I never saw the value of these apps so I never added them. But friends kept sending me invites over and over it really got on my nerves!

Today I made sure these applications would never bother me again…

Block Facebook Vampires application

I don’t know how I didn’t notice this sooner! I’ve been such a blurcase! If you’re like me, here’s how to do it.

Facebook Werewolves application

To block an unwanted Facebook applications, simply go to its page, scroll down and look for the Block Application link at the bottom of the right sidebar. You’ll then experience the same happiness I felt when I saw the block confirmation box. Click Block and banish the application to the blocked application list for eternity!