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PETRONAS Chinese New Year TVC 2011

Great ad by Petronas. They are well known for their festival ads now and lots of people look forward to it.

Happy Chinese New Year

HDTV guide

Despite all his faults, George Ou really knows his HDTVs. Check out this article he wrote: Don’t buy an HDTV without reading this first

This guy Justin and his 3 friends are broadcasting their lives 24/7 on the web at

Cylon Starbuck?

Hmmm.. Could Starbuck be a Cylon? Adam Nash says:

Right now, the only options are:

  1. Starbuck is dead. Finito. No mystery, just a girl in Raptor who went suicidal.
  2. Starbuck escaped. Some lame last-minute rescue or eject, picked up by a Cylon before dying.
  3. Starbuck is a Cylon. She wakes up in Season 4, resurrected, as one of the final Five, and becomes the fleets worst enemy because she knows them inside and out.

Can’t wait for the Finale!

Goodbye Starbuck

StarbuckStarbuck, one of Battlestar Galactica‘s most-loved characters, died in ‘Maelstrom’ of Season 3 (S03E17) The episode title was aptly chosen and describes Starbuck’s turbulent life till its conclusion in a fireball over some unknown planet. I’m going to miss this crazy girl..

Further reading: Kara Thrace on Wikipedia and the Battlestar Wiki.

Astro fix

Astro subscribers may find several of their channels have gone missing and instead have a black screen due to the satellite service’s recent migration from Measat-1 to the new Measat-3. Luckily, there’s a simple fix.