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Craig Hockenberry blogged about this excellent piece of internet lore the other day about the origin of the word “tweet” from way back in 2006

My new favorite @echofon feature: Mute

Mute annoying clients and hashtags in Echofon

You can mute users, clients and hashtags. Just right click on the client name like above, or hashtag and click mute from the contextual menu. If you want to mute users, view their profile and click the options (gear) icon. Great for still following people and allowing them to DM you, but avoid all the noise in your timeline. Download Echofon for your Mac, iPad, iPhone and Firefox.

WTOTW: HootSuite

I share a web tip of the week on every episode of the #LOLshow. This week, the featured tip is HootSuite.

HootSuite bills itself as a ‘social media dashboard for teams using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn’. However many people like me simply use it as a Twitter client. However, it’s one heck of a Twitter client which definitely deserves your attention if you manage multiple Twitter accounts or use social media for marketing. It was also a winner in the recent Mashable Awards for Best Social Media Management Tool. Plus, the owl mascot is super cute 😉

HootSuite has steadily been adding features in 2010. Some highlights:

  • Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, MySpace, PingFm and more.
  • Lots of integrations with 3rd party services e.g. Ning, Salesforce, ConstantContact, Google Analytics
  • iOS, Android & BlackBerry apps
  • Stats that you can print and export
  • Scheduled tweets, now in bulk
  • Auto-tweet RSS feeds, with Google Analytics integration

HootSuite’s service comes in 2 tiers – Free and Pro. The Free account is fully featured and in no way crippled, and is enough for most user’s needs. The Pro account is geared towards agencies and larger businesses with its team collaboration features.

Try it out –

Neener neener neener! I've got Twitter secret features

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The Mac App Store launched today and out of the blocks the most popular app by far is the official Twitter app (download from the App Store).

While everyone else is ooh-ing and ah-ing over it’s shiny-ness, look at me! I’ve got Super Secret settings *grin* Read More »

Professional Twitter

Twitter fangirl Anne Zelenka of Web Worker Daily writes about Eight ways Twitter is used professionally.