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Essential steps to protecting your Unifi network

I recently got Unifi, Telekom Malaysia’s High Speed Broadband service. It’s been awesome so far, but I realized the default configuration that TM installers set up is pretty unsecure. In this article, I’ll show you some essential steps you need to take to protect your Unifi network at home.

Why is the default configuration unsecure?

First, let’s have a look at why you need to protect your network. Or if you’re impatient, jump to the solution.

1. The router uses a default admin password (which is public knowledge)

The D-Link DIR-615 (the orange box) that TM supplies comes with a default password which anyone can find. Just try Googling for “dir-615 default password“.

2. There’s a 2nd ‘secret’ account to the router that many aren’t aware of

Yup, even I wasn’t aware of this – and I’m quite a techie. This 2nd operator account is meant for technicians to easily access your router if you forgot your admin password. Hat tip to the Unifi Handbook for pointing this out to me.

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