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Every Tech Commercial – CollegeHumor

Whatever they’re selling, I’m buying!

[VIDEO] Wingsuit flight through a small arch in a mountain

I’ve been very impressed with wingsuit jumpers (flyers?) but this is one of the more insane ones I’ve seen. Alexander Polli threads the needle through a small arch in the Montserrat mountains in Spain.

Crazy Russians with Military Weapons

Timestamp 3:10:

There is no more deadly weapon system in the world than a Russian with two AA-12. And keep in mind, don’t try this at home, I am a professional Russian.


Check out the FPSRussion YouTube channel for more gratuitous destruction by high-powered military weapons by guys in funny Russian accents.

Angry Birds Peace Treaty

I have a confession: I’m an Angry Birds fan. I even want the plush toys but the shipping is too expensive.
Warning, may be NSFW