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Fever + Sunstroke = A great RSS reading experience

Google Reader is “retiring” next week. Like many I have been looking for a replacement. Feedly is a service I have been using and quite like. However I also took the opportunity to experiment with a feed reader that I’ve heard about for years called Fever.

fever fluid

Developed by Shaun Inman, Fever is a web app, not a desktop app. I like it so much that its made me enjoy RSS again and relegated Feedly to my backup RSS reader.

Why Fever is awesome

Hot Links

Traditional RSS readers get crowded and overwhelming when you subscribe to a lot of feeds. With Fever, it actually reads your feeds and compiles the most frequently talked about links into a Hot Links page. So the more links you follow, the better Fever gets.

My RSS feeds in Fever

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I wondered how well this would work. I’m glad to say it works great. Fever constantly shows me the top Apple and WordPress news: exactly the news I want to see. Read More » tells you the weather, beautifully

forecast-io is a web-based weather app that tells you the weather in a beautiful, easy to use interface. Every other weather website I use is clunky, slow and full of ugly ads – I’m looking at you Yahoo! Weather. Most weather websites will tell you what the weather is right now, but to see what it will be this afternoon it requires a few clicks and page loads to get there. With Forecast, you scroll down and click on Today and you’ll see the day’s hourly forecast laid out in an easy to understand bar graph. excels at being fast. It detects your location so you don’t have to type it in. It takes 1 click to view the day’s forecast. And it’s mobile too. Load it up on your mobile and it will prompt you to save it as a home screen app.

Photo Apr 05, 10 00 18 AM Photo Apr 05, 10 00 45 AM

My only quibble is that Forecast seems to have a lot of “Light Rain” reports when it’s only cloudy. Either that or it really does know when it’s just sprinkling outside. Either way, is now my go to app for checking the weather. It’s super useful for me to decide when to go running.

Try, you’ll love it.

PicApps gives bloggers access to licensed photographs for free


Check out this awesome pic of Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick. Usually bloggers wouldn’t be able to use such high quality images beause of licensing issues, but new service PicApp changes that. PicApp has worked out licensing with premium image providers like Corbis, Getty Images, etc to give bloggers access to these images for free. Well, it’s not totally free. The image has a link back to PicApp and is supposed to display a little advertisement from the license holders.

There’s even a plugin for WordPress blogs, that includes a PicApp image browser directly within the New Post screen. Here’s a video of how it works:

The service itself works great, although there seems to be a few bugs with the plugin. Regardless, I’m going to be checking whenever I need images for my blog from now on.

Tell your friends to stop sending you spam:

Web site StopForwarding.Us sends a polite, anonymous email to a contact asking them to stop spamming your inbox with forwards. 

via Lifehacker

The new new Google Reader for iPhone is sweet!

workhack – easy to use, minimal distraction, no sign-up to-do lists

Photoshop online

Adobe intends to offer a hosted version of its popular Photoshop image-editing program in the next three to six months, according to CEO Bruce Chizen.


Firefox 3.0

Firefox 3.0 will open door to Web apps, Mozilla says.

When Firefox 3.0 is released later this year, the open-source browser is likely to contain a host of new features, including offline support for Web applications and new bookmark and search features.

Via Macworld